Who can use Natural Family Planning?

Any married couple can use NFP! A woman need not have “regular cycles”. NFP education helps couples to fully understand their combined fertility, thereby helping them either to achieve or postpone pregnancy. The key to successful use of NFP is cooperation and communication between husband and wife—a shared commitment.

Is NFP morally acceptable?

All the major religions including the Catholic Church accept the use of  natural family planning when couples have a sufficiently serious reason for spacing babies or limiting the size of their family.  On the other hand, the teachings of the Catholic Church, some Orthodox churches, some parts of Judaism and an increasing number of Protestants are opposed to sterilization and the use of contraceptive or abortifacient drugs and devices. It should be noted that intrauterine devices (IUD), birth control pills, hormonal implants and injections can cause abortions as they may render the uterine lining hostile to implantation of the fetus.  NFP is unique among the methods of family planning because it enables its users to work with the body rather than against it. Fertility is viewed as a blessing, not a curse. It is a reality of life that is accepted, not a problem to be solved.