Natural Family Planning

What are the Benefits

In NFP both spouses are taught to understand the nature of fertility and work with it, whether it is to plan a pregnancy, space children or avoid pregnancy for serious reasons. Couples who use NFP soon learn that they have a shared responsibility for family planning. Husbands are encouraged to be observant of their wives cycles and both spouses are encouraged to speak openly and frankly about their sexual desires and their ideas on family size.

As a family planning method , NFP:

What health risks are avoided in choosing NFP?

When undergoing medical or surgical treatment, people will always be faced with potential side effects. Most people are willing to take the risks in order to be cured of their illness. Fertility however, is not a disease. It is normal and healthy part of human nature and learning to live with fertility rather than waging war against it, appeals to many health conscious people. The following are avoided when couples practice NFP.