Philadelphia Natural Family Planning Network

General Characteristics of All NFP Methods supported by the PNFPN

Medically safe
Proven Effective
Morally acceptable
Easy to learn
Applicable at any stage of a woman's reproductive life
regular cycles
irregular cycles
post pill, Depo-Provera & Norplant
Precisely identifies the true days of fertility and infertility

The Ideal Method of Family Planning

In addition to the above advantages, the following makes the methods supported by the PNFPN an ideal method of family planning:
Shared Responsibility -- Unlike contraceptives, the use of this method is shared by both husband and wife. Couples learn to understand their combined fertility
Improves Communication -- A deeper communication is developed in the area of fertility and family planning. Couples notice this deeper level of communication extends to other areas of their relationship as well.
A True Method of Family Planning -- The same method can be used to both achieve and avoid pregnancy, making it a true method of family planning Enhances One's Sexuality -- The couple learns that true human sexuality is spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional in it's dimensions. The use of NFP assists the couple in developing a healthy balance to their sexual lives.
Loving Cooperation --The method helps build a more loving cooperation in the important matters of sexuality and family planning. Couples who practice NFP testify to the importance of periodically avoiding genital contact in the growth of their overall marriage relationship. Mutual respect deepens.


All methods supported by the PNFPN have an effectiveness of over 90% in the ability of a couple to avoid pregnancies. The effectiveness rate is on a par with the birth control pill after being properly taught by a qualified teacher and correctly applied. The methods are also highly effective in achieving pregnancy when couples identify and use the days of fertility.

The following pages give a brief description of each method promoted by the PNFPN.  Class availability is described on the home page.

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Creighton Model

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